Litigation for or against government – whether local, state, or federal – requires skill and experience that extends far beyond the traditional courtroom. Our attorneys have familiarity representing elected officials, government agencies, private entities, and individuals on a full range of complex matters, including constitutional litigation, regulatory matters, high-stakes civil litigation, and investigations.

We have challenged adverse government actions and laws, won landmark precedents on appeals, defended clients against enforcements actions, litigated alongside the government to defend decisions benefitting our clients, and even represented the government itself against private entities.

On a daily basis, our attorneys interact with elected and appointed officials in Pennsylvania. Through our relationships with government officials, we have developed an understanding of policy politics and process. We understand that litigation can have a lasting impact in light of the power that regulatory agencies have over businesses and often work closely with our Government Relations and Political Law Practices to draft legislation, advise on initiatives, and modify regulations.  

Kleinbard has developed deep connections with governing bodies, including the Pennsylvania State Treasurer and the State Senate Republican Caucus, and regularly advise clients on public policy matters. Our litigators have challenged the Pennsylvania Governor’s COVID-19 restrictions, sued the state Department of Environmental Protection, and has fought to uphold legislative subpoena power, all on behalf of the State Senate. In addition we regularly provide guidance on ethics compliance and on developments in, and changes to, the Right-to-Know Law and its continually evolving body of caselaw.

Having represented numerous public entities makes us well positioned to advise clients on interactions with state government, including State AG investigations, criminal, and Grand Jury Investigations.  We have conducted numerous internal investigations for both private and public entities, ranging from investigations into allegations of workplace discrimination and harassment for private employers to allegations of fiscal mismanagement, lack of accountability, abuse of power and the misappropriation and theft of taxpayer funds at public entities. We understand the government’s investigative process and have been involved in some of the most significant investigations in Pennsylvania history, including scandals involving the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and Clerical sexual abuse.

Because the details of these cases are often complex and sensitive and the parties involved are well-known, our attorneys must be prepared to negotiate favorable resolutions while minimizing the level of exposure and media scrutiny. In fact, several of our attorneys’ internal investigations have resulted in the release of public investigative reports. We regularly provide media correspondence to major outlets, such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, to help better position our clients and avoid additional complications.