From appeals to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to original jurisdiction actions in the U.S. Supreme Court, our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in appellate matters encompassing a broad range of areas and disciplines in both state and federal courts. Staffed by former federal and state appellate clerks, Kleinbard’s institutional knowledge of the justices, judges, rules and procedures (formal and informal) of the appellate courts is renowned throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and beyond. Our litigators often appear before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, other state appellate courts, the U.S. Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of the United States and various administrative tribunals at the state and federal level.

Our appellate representation extends far beyond simply challenging lower court decisions. Kleinbard has particular expertise in Commonwealth Court, especially in bringing original jurisdiction actions. Our Appellate lawyers use or defend original jurisdiction actions that effect the operation of government or determine the constitutionality of state laws.

Our attorneys apply a strategic approach to each case and are prepared to quickly navigate changes in venue, media inquiries, and other roadblocks that delay the appellate process. We have experience working with highly sensitive matters requiring immediate public importance, such as election disputes, Right-to-Know cases, and grand jury investigations. As such, our attorneys often seek appellate relief though unconventional channels, including before the Supreme Court’s original jurisdiction and Kings Bench.


  • Appealing or opposing appeals of final judgments;
  • Appealing or opposing appeals of interlocutory or collateral orders;
  • Seeking or opposing discretionary review, including writs of certiorari and petitions for allowance of appeal;
  • Seeking or opposing extraordinary or emergency writs, including King’s Bench petitions; and
  • Seeking or opposing applications for injunctions, stays or supersedeas.