The Federal False Claims Act (FCA) allows “whistleblowers” who file lawsuits against companies and individuals suspected of defrauding the government to receive between 15 and 30 percent of amounts obtained by the United States government from defendants charged with violations of the Act. The FCA, which provides for triple damages and payment of attorneys’ fees, prohibits the making of claims for payment from federal funds where the claims are “false” within the meaning of the statute. There are similar statutes in 28 states.

Our attorneys, including a former Assistant United States Attorney, offer clients unique experience concerning the most relevant factors to consider in assessing FCA claims, whether from the perspective of a whistleblower or of an investigative target or litigation defendant. Our team is experienced in FCA investigations, litigation, and settlement. The attorneys bring their prior experience to bear in dealing with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and all other federal agencies that may be involved in the government’s investigation – in the decision as to whether the government will intervene in a whistleblower case, and in any determinations concerning settlement. 

Our attorneys assist clients by evaluating the merits and likely success of a whistleblower claim; representing clients in FCA investigations and litigation; and working with DOJ attorneys, including communications concerning the government’s always crucial determination as to whether to intervene in a whistleblower’s case, and developing and implementing litigation, trial, and settlement strategies.