Effective business operations and the confidence of owners and investors depend on proper corporate governance and regulatory compliance. Even seemingly minor governance issues may carry significant potential liability.  In response to the growing scrutiny corporate leaders face, our clients rely on our business lawyers to navigate through an increasingly complicated regulatory regime to identify obligations as owners, directors, officers, and managers.

When our clients create or invest in joint ventures or strategic alliances or enter into teaming arrangements, our business lawyers can assist in the structuring of the governing bodies for those unique entities and provide advice on all related issues, including reporting and disclosure requirements.

For our privately- or closely-held clients, we provide advice and counseling on the various options available for: establishing governance and management policies and procedures; the pros and cons of different business entity forms; the governance/management implications of choosing corporate versus limited liability company versus partnership form; and the rights and obligations of controlling and minority owners.


  • Fiduciary duties to investors and other stakeholders
  • Board and committee composition and structure, including membership qualifications and nominating procedures
  • Development and implementation of corporate policies, including those related to ethics, conflicts of interest, employment, and whistleblower protection
  • Change-of-control matters, including mergers and acquisitions
  • Indemnification of directors, officers, and employees, including D&O insurance issues