The U.S. Supreme Court has vacated a Third Circuit decision regarding the mail-in ballot law in Pennsylvania. The Supreme Court’s order granted cert, vacated the appeals court decision, and remanded with instructions to dismiss the case as moot. Joshua Voss, Shohin Vance, Francis Notarianni, and Samantha Zimmer make up the team that represents Republican David Ritter, a judicial candidate in the Lehigh County race at issue. The undated ballots were enough to propel his opponent, Zac Cohen, to victory. Joshua Voss, a partner in Kleinbard’s Political Law group, was interviewed by numerous media outlets regarding the order; he noted he was pleased with the decision. “Election rules should be fixed, certain and uniformly applied, and we’re hopeful that this opinion restores the rule in Pennsylvania that has been previously established that undated ballots shall not be counted,” Voss said in a Law360 article.

Additional media coverage can be found in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pennsylvania Capital Star, The Morning Call, Reuters, and The Legal Intelligencer .