When closing a real estate deal, it is expected that all parties act amicably and dutifully to complete the transaction within the set terms. However, not all deals proceed as expected. The path to completion is often paved with roadblocks including, sellers who cannot consummate purchases, refusals to sell despite the existence of an agreement of sale, and various construction and ownership disputes. When a transaction goes astray, our litigators work closely with our Real Estate team to identify the key issues and develop resolutions.

Our litigators are experienced in all aspects of construction, real estate, and land use litigation, and have served as legal counsel to buyers, sellers, developers, government agencies, landlords, and tenants in residential and commercial real estate law. From zoning disputes to right of first refusal, our attorneys understand that these issues are a hindrance to a client’s larger business goal. We work diligently to settle these matters so that our clients can proceed with the investments, transactions, and developments that are at the core of their business operations. 


  • Zoning and development
  • Purchase and sale transactions
  • Building and construction contracts and construction defects
  • Easements and boundaries
  • Breach of lease/lease options
  • Right of first refusal
  • Specific performance dispute
  • Title and ownership disputes
  • Tax appeals
  • Environmental contamination/nondisclosure
  • Eminent domain and condemnation matters
  • Mechanic’s liens