Navigating government is a frequent source of frustration for both businesses and nonprofits.  We advise clients on how they can best position themselves to benefit from relevant local and state government programs and contracting opportunities. In addition, we lobby on behalf of clients when legislative actions affect their interests.

Our collective political experience uniquely positions our firms to forge meaningful relationships across the aisle. We work closely with state and local legislators and help our clients identify and foster meaningful relationships key government, political, business, and civic leaders. In some instances, this requires educating public sector entities about services that might benefit them.  Due to our familiarity with the decision makers and their operations, we are able to assist clients by maximizing their chances of success through specific processes, whether it be requests for qualifications, requests for proposals, or negotiated contracts.

We understand that the establishing oneself in this marketplace can be particularly challenging. We help our clients develop effective messaging and create and implement strategic plans so that they are well positioned to take advantage of the “right” opportunities when they arise. Similarly, we provide strategic advice to our clients in cases where government poses an obstacle to reaching their objectives.