Establishing and protecting our clients’ business identities and helping them maintain the goodwill they have developed in the marketplace is a crucial service in today’s business world. IP rights are often our clients’ most valuable assets. We provide advice and counseling to our clients regarding the registration and enforcement of IP rights, licensing deals and the purchase, sale, and transfer of IP assets. and. In addition, should a dispute arise, our attorneys are prepared to litigate and resolve these issues in a prompt, efficient manner.

From trademarks and copyrights to domain names and software agreements, we guide our clients through the varying levels of searching, clearance, and registration necessary to protect their IP assets. We handle federal and multi-state registration issues for clients and, when necessary, partner with foreign counsel when international registration and enforcement issues arise. And, once those rights are acquired, our attorneys assist in protection, enforcement, and transfer of these valuable rights in various circumstances, including in the context of employment and contractor arrangements.

We pride ourselves on our thorough knowledge of our clients’ businesses and objectives. Our IP team works closely with attorneys across multiple practice areas to ensure that the goals and resources of an organization are defined and preserved. This approach ensures that registration and enforcement decisions are made strategically, and needless disputes and proceedings are avoided.