Matthew Haverstick, Managing Partner in Kleinbard’s Litigation and Political Law Practices, was interviewed by SpotlightPA to discuss the discrepancies with Pennsylvania’s Election Code and election process. Despite the Department of State’s attempt to issue guidance on unsettled voting issues associated with mail-in ballots, many gray areas and confusion among voters remain – especially because the guidance is not legally binding.

“If there’s a perception that the guidances coming out of the secretary’s office are inconsistent, or not well thought out, or don’t necessarily have the force of law, I think some counties probably ignore them,” said Haverstick, who represents Republican clients. “And we need clarity right now, in the Election Code and election process.”

Matt also acknowledges that recent election-related litigation battles have become more of a political area, rather than a way to establish clarity.

“Both Democrats and Republicans believe that court is just another place to go fight battles that maybe people don’t want to believe were settled successfully or conclusively at the ballot box,” he continued.

This story appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, WHYY, TRIBLive, and PennLive.