Managing Partner Matthew Haverstick was quoted in an article on on how working remotely has helped facilitate more restful breaks during the day. The article focuses on how law firm professionals have adjusted their routines to foster more productive afternoons and how this trend could continue in a post-pandemic setting.

“One aftereffect of Covid is that it laid bare that our work, especially at a high level, transcends normal work hours. And when we had the chance to be at home for so long, it made it easier for our work lives to accommodate this truth,” said Matt, who admits to taking a nap every day. “For instance, a lot of mornings I’m up at 4 working, which was even easier to do during Covid. I am much more productive in the afternoon and evening if I’ve given myself a break in the middle of the day.”

Matt also noted, “forward-thinking employers should be encouraging midday check-out sessions.”

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