Managing Partner Matthew Haverstick was quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Rolling Stone on a situation in South Philadelphia in which city election officials received applications from more than three dozen Republican voters requesting that mail ballots be delivered not to the voters’ homes, but to a P.O. Box. Many of those voters told noted that they have no idea why their ballots were sent there, and others claim they never even applied to vote by mail. The address of the P.O. Box appears to be registered to Billy Lanzilotti, a 23-year-old GOP operative, South Philadelphia ward leader, and chairman of the Republican Registration Coalition. The article notes that, Lanzilotti began going door-to-door earlier this month and signing up residents of the 26th to vote by mail, but it remains unclear whether his actions cross legal lines.

“There’s some things you’re describing that I think have arguments that could be made that they’re appropriate, there’s some arguments that can be made that they’re inappropriate,” said Matt Haverstick in the article. “But the whole zeitgeist of what you’re telling me smacks of unlawful conduct.”

“If the circumstance is, it’s mail delivered at a retirement home, and some kindly ward person gets them from the mailroom and hands them out, that’s one thing,” Haverstick added. “Going to a P.O. box at the address for a PAC? I have to think about that one. It’s certainly one that would give me pause under the election code.”

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