Managing Partner and Litigation attorney Matthew Haverstick shared his thoughts on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s ruling against Fulton County and its counsel in a dispute over voting machines. The court sanctioned Fulton County for bogging down discovery and disobeying a court order. The decision reflects the court’s frustration with the disrespect of both the judicial process, as well as baseless challenges to the election process.

According to Haverstick, who represents former state Sen. Jacob Corman and state Sen. Cris Dush as amici in the case, “the ruling clarifies that Pennsylvania’s appellate courts should be respected.”

“The high court’s ruling takes a well-deserved harsh tone to convey that orders are meant to be obeyed, and practitioners should at their peril think that they can go engage in hijinks like you may be able to get away with at a Common Pleas and MDJ level,” continued Haverstick.

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