Managing Partner, Matt Haverstick commented on his representation of James H. Grossman Jr., the fund’s chief investment officer as the investigation into the Public School Employees’ Retirement System comes to a conclusion. After the board admitted to botched calculations in March, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Philadelphia and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission began its probe of the fund, prompting the board to hire several law firms to assist with the investigation and additional attorneys to represent individual employees. Now, the PSERS board is debating how much information from the investigation to share with the public, including information that may be damaging to fund employees.

“Anyone discussed in that report should get an adequate opportunity to respond to it. Jim is a public employee and he has a constitutional right — as does everybody in Pennsylvania — to not be unfairly criticized and protect his reputation,” Haverstick said. “I want to protect against an unfair attack against reputation because someone at PSERS has been doing that to Jim for months — repeated, malicious, and possibly criminal leaking of sensitive information.”

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