Joshua Voss, a partner in Kleinbard’s Litigation Department, was quoted in Real Clear Pennsylvania on the uptick in constitutional amendments from state legislators in Pennsylvania. In order to enact these changes, a resolution to amend must pass both houses once in two consecutive two-year sessions before it can be put on the ballot for a final vote by the people. Some advocates have expressed concerns with the amendments proposed by Republican officials and feel it is an attempt to circumvent the legislative process. However, Rep. Brian Cutler, a Republican from Lancaster County and Speaker of the Pennsylvania House, comments that “the process of passing an amendment is more onerous than passing a bill, and it is more transparent.”

“Checks and balances exist to protect the people from the power of the government, not the other way around,” Voss said, agreeing with Cutler. “What’s more fundamental than the legislature asking the people how they’d like to be governed?”

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