Joshua Voss, a partner in Kleinbard’s Litigation Practice, was quoted in Delaware Law Weekly on the impact of the Supreme Court’s forthcoming decision on whether official checks issued by MoneyGram qualify as money orders. More than $150 million in unclaimed checks are at stake that would either stay in Delaware, where MoneyGram is incorporated, or be redistributed to the states in which the checks were initially purchased. Delaware is challenging a 2021 Special Master’s report that determined MoneyGram’s official checks do qualify as money orders and under the federal statute and should be escheated to the states in which they were purchased.

Voss, who is representing Pennsylvania – one of the states that would benefit from the Special Mater’s ruling, noted that it is important to the states opposing Delaware that the unclaimed property stay in the state where it was originated, so that it can be restored to its true owner or placed in the state’s general fund for public service use.

“From our perspective, you’ve got property from citizens of 49 states going to just a single state that has little or no connection with the private transaction and the private citizens,” said Voss.

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