David Hyman, a partner in Kleinbard’s Government Relations Practice, was quoted in the Philadelphia Business Journal on how the City’s business community may be able to capitalize on an unprecedented chance to bring new ideas to City Hall during the upcoming mayoral and city council election cycle. In previous elections, the business community has not had as much influence as other advocacy groups. But the article notes that changes at the Chamber of Commerce and the influence of Philadelphia 3.0, an independent expenditure PAC and a nonprofit, could help the community come together to create a greater influence.

However, despite these efforts, it might not be enough to compete with well-funded, left-wing advocacy groups. David noted in the article that he thinks that “business leaders have paid more attention, raising money earlier and in larger sums, but have yet to identify and recruit potentially business-friendly candidates. He thinks business leaders are poised to make greater financial contributions to the mayor’s race and noted that there are several candidates they might view as reasonable. But he would be surprised if business leaders coalesced around any one candidate or even two.”

“I think the business community will be very fragmented,” Hyman said. “And depending on how fragmented it is, it could be to the benefit of somebody that the business community didn’t want to see win.”

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