Managing Partner Matt Haverstick is quoted in The Philadelphia Inquirer on the lawsuits against the Delaware River Basin Commission and its moratorium against fracking in Pennsylvania. After more than a decade, a trial date has been set to challenge the drilling moratorium imposed in 2010. For years a Wayne County landowner group has alleged that the Delaware River Basin Commission does not have jurisdiction over gas drilling. Additionally, Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers and the Demascus Township have filed a separate complaint alleging that the Moratorium illegally usurps state legislators’ authority and the agency potentially owes the state for lost tax revenues and gas royalties. Haverstick, who represents State Senators Gene Yaw and Lisa Baker and the Pennsylvania Republican Caucus, noted “If the DRBC wants to act as if it’s a governmental body for regulatory purposes, then it has to take all of the obligations that come along with that status.” The trials will evaluate the commission’s purpose and could restrict its authority.

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