Michael Frattone was featured in The Legal Intelligencer, sharing how the Firm has adapted to returning to the office. Michael notes that the Firm’s near-total vaccination status, combined with the lifting of indoor mask-wearing mandates for vaccinated individuals in Philadelphia, has empowered several attorneys to start to come back into the office. While the Firm hopes to continue some form of hybrid model through September, Michael also stated that an official policy may not be necessary given the interest in personnel returning to the office.

“We haven’t worked out what that means yet, but maybe it means we allow people one day a week on a rolling basis to work from home: clean the house, get an appliance repaired, go to the supermarket,” he said. “Whatever it is, I think there was a really appealing element of it that I don’t think is going to go away 100% once this is back to normal.”

The article also explains how Kleinbard has been implementing flexible arrangements for its employees long before the pandemic. The Firm has worked with individuals to map out hybrid schedules that include the opportunity to work in the office and remotely.

“Working in a hybrid model has allowed the Firm to retain talent when life circumstances might have required them to work at a different institution,” Frattone said. “Due to a changing environment and changing marketplace, had to be more flexible about that, both with existing employees that were asking for accommodations and with attracting talent in the marketplace.”

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