Lorena Ahumada, Of Counsel and Employment Compliance Officer at Kleinbard, participates in a panel discussion at the Philadelphia Bar Association’s annual Public Interest Law Day. Lorena’s session titled, “Racial Justice Principles in Practice: A Comprehensive Guide for Establishing Racial Equity in the Public Interest Workplace” takes a look at ways in which public interest professionals can set a culture that rejects white-centric cultural norms and the many ways all employees can work to create an ecosystem that embraces and centers all experiences. The panelists will elaborate on several issues including, hiring practices, setting expectations, navigating challenges, and messaging matters and identify how they can effectively be put into practice in order to create a workplace that invites and retains attorneys of color and positions them to succeed. Lorena will also address Rule 8.4(g) of the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct, which provides that it is professional misconduct for a lawyer, in the practice of law, to manifest bias or prejudice or engage in harassment or discrimination.

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