Kleinbard represents a diverse group of clients that provide a wide array of services to government and quasi-government departments and agencies. Led by our Government Relations Practice Group, Kleinbard attorneys advise clients on how to best position themselves to successfully do business in the public sector.

Navigating the public arena can be confusing and intimidating for the inexperienced client. Our attorneys assist clients by drawing on our sophisticated understanding of how government-elected and -appointed officials carry out their responsibilities. With many years of experience in both high-level government service and representing clients with government interests, we understand the nuances and subtleties that often distinguish those who succeed from those who do not.

Our government services clients range from professional service firms providing technical expertise, to development clients with proposals for public/private ventures, to nonprofit agencies looking to deliver social services. We have worked with clients to help create strategies for competitive bids and negotiated contracts. Kleinbard attorneys bring value to those with long-standing experience in the public arena, as well as to those who are exploring the public sector as a potential new market.

Examples of our attorneys’ recent engagements in the government services industry include:

  • Representing the leading Pennsylvania law firm engaged in the collection of taxes.  Advise the firm in its relationship with the City of Philadelphia and collection of real estate taxes.
  • Representing a developer in creating a cutting edge environmentally sustainable commercial corridor. Provide counsel, guidance and coordination with City and State agencies.
  • Representing a publicly-owned national engineering, consulting, and construction management firm that opened a Philadelphia office as part of a strategic plan to build its local practice. We have advised this client in its efforts to expand contracting opportunities with local government, quasi-city agencies as well as local state authorities. The client opened its Philadelphia office with only two employees, and within two years had 15 professionals servicing multiple local contracts and relationships.
  • Representing a regional nonprofit that provides forensic social services to municipalities. Through our efforts, our client has built strong relationships with leaders in Philadelphia government, including members of the city’s administration and City Council. We were also successful in seeking the introduction and passage of a City Council resolution calling for hearings on a subject of highest concern to the client.
  • Represented an international engineering firm as part of its joint venture team competing for the Airport Expansion Program Management role at Philadelphia International Airport. We served as strategic advisors during the competitive phase of this process.
  • Represented the City of Philadelphia in support of Mayor Nutter’s initiative to explore the sale of the Philadelphia Gas Works.  Advised senior Administration officials regarding communication with City Council and regional opinion leaders.  Maintained ongoing communication with City Council leadership and other key constituencies.
  • Representing a local, minority-owned physical therapy business to help it be among the firms eligible to service City of Philadelphia employees. Our success contributed substantially to the client’s revenue.
  • Representing a nationally preeminent provider of comprehensive waste capture and conversion service in support of its effort to persuade the City of Philadelphia that it was best qualified to operate the city’s biosolid processing operations. We succeeded in convincing the Philadelphia Water Department, the Mayor’s office, and City Council to transfer this function to our client.