Kleinbard serves as lead fundraising and investment structuring counsel for Digital Bridge Holdings, LLC, a company engaged in the active management of a broad range of communications infrastructure companies, including cellular and broadcasting towers, rooftop and distributed antennas systems, fiber and data centers.  Kleinbard business and finance attorneys Michael Frattone and Mary Beth Gray have represented Digital Bridge in multiple initial and growth capital raises totaling over $2 billion.  In this capacity, we negotiate with a broad range of domestic and international investors, including family offices, investment advisors, private equity funds, public and private pension funds and strategics.

Most recently, we represented Digital Bridge in an initial equity fundraising of $200 million for a new affiliate.  This equity was used by the affiliate to purchase DataBank, Ltd., a leading North American provider of enterprise-class data center solutions.  The acquisition of DataBank provides Digital Bridge with a foothold for growth and further investment in the data center industry.  Digital Bridge partnered with Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA), Allstate Investments and The Edgewater Funds in the acquisition, with our team of attorneys leading negotiations on behalf of Digital Bridge with each of these investors on company governance documents.  Our team also spearheaded negotiations with existing DataBank management on equity rollover, new equity grant and employment agreements.

In addition to fundraising, Kleinbard represents Digital Bridge and its affiliates in many M&A matters.  We have successfully closed over 100 asset and stock based transactions in the last three years for our client.