On this episode of The Digital Planning Podcast, Jen, Ross, and Justin are joined by Sheona McDonald, an accomplished filmmaker, to discuss her recently released documentary Dead Man’s Switch A Crypto Mystery, now available on Discovery Plus. The documentary chronicles the investigation post collapse of Canadian’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, QuadrigaCX, the company’s subsequent bankruptcy proceedings, and attempts to piece together what happened.  Sheona also wrote the Foreword to the book Digital Asset Entanglement: Unraveling the Intersection of Estate Laws & Technology (Lexis Nexis/March 2022), authored by Jen, and veteran DPP guest, Sharon Hartung, Captain (Ret’d), who also join the discussion.  Their book focuses on the ways technology has disrupted the traditionally paper-based estate industry and raises awareness regarding the importance of digital asset planning and the challenges associated with managing digital assets.  The book sets forth a personas based framework to help advisors begin to analyze a client’s planning needs by their digital behavior, and applies this framework through a comprehensive case study of QuadrigaCX and the estate of its late CEO, Gerald Cotten. ​

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