Kleinbard partner Matt Haverstick is quoted in the Legal Intelligencer article – Nonlawyers Head Pa. Judiciary Committees, but Legal Community Is Fine With That.

In response to the appointment of Sen. Lisa Baker, R-Luzerne, as majority chairwoman of the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee, Haverstick, who has often represented legislators in legal matters, said “he knows Baker to be a smart and skilled legislator, and added that he would rather have someone like her in the role than a mediocre legislator “who happened to have a J.D.” This chairmanship involves discussing and looking at really critical policy issues, and while they do involve legal issues, I don’t think you need to be formally trained as a lawyer to really understand the policy issues underlying the legislation that comes out of these committees.”

Haverstick has represented government officials, private entities and individuals in high-profile, media intensive matters, ranging from major grand jury investigations to the defense of the constitutionality of state laws.  Referred to in media reports as “counsel of choice for state Republicans in a number of recent policy fights” for his work on matters that garner national press attention, Haverstick has a strong understanding of local, state and federal governments, their stakeholders and the media.