by Jay Goldstein

A new company, FixList, has launched a lead generation tool for developers, lenders and nonprofits to find and evaluate real estate investment opportunities in the Philadelphia market. FixList recently published a useful report to recap the issuance of new construction permits in Philadelphia during 2017. Here are a few of the many interesting highlights:

  • Overall the market for new construction is remains robust. In 2017, the City of Philadelphia issued 1301 new construction permits, an 8.6% growth year over year from 2016.
  • There were several neighborhoods where year over year growth in the number of new construction permits issued exceeded 10%
  • So, where are the new hot spots for potential growth and opportunity in the city? FixList indicates the following neighborhoods as markets to watch:
    • Grays Ferry
    • Greenwich
    • West Philadelphia
    • Brewerytown/Strawberry Mansion
    • Kensington/Ludlow/Hartranft

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