Managing Partner Matthew Haverstick, Council for the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee (The Committee), Senate Republic Caucus and Senators Dush and Corman recently appeared before a Pennsylvania appellate court panel to argue on behalf of The Committee and their subpoena for voter information in order to review the 2020 General Election and the 2021 Primary Election. The subpoena, requested in September 2021, calls for information including, names, dates of birth, home addresses, driver’s license numbers, and partial social security numbers of voters. The argument remains whether the subpoena should be treated as a routine sharing of information or if there are deeper privacy implications.

“They’ve admitted most of these documents are available as a matter of public record,” Haverstick said. “The attorney general’s office would never tolerate disobedience of a subpoena for an entire calendar year.”

Corman, Dush and the Intergovernmental Operations Committee are also represented by Joshua J. Voss, Shohin H. Vance, and Samantha G. Zimmer of Kleinbard.

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