Jennifer Zegel, Partner and Chair of Kleinbard’s Estates & Trusts Department, co-authored an article in The American Bar Association’s publication, Property & Probate, detailing parts of a recent interview with Suzanne Brown Walsh, a partner at Murtha Cullina in Hartford, Connecticut, a fellow in the American College of Trust and Estates Counsel (ACTEC), and the chair of the Committee of the Uniform Law Commission that created the Uniform Electronic Estate Planning Documents Act (UEEPDA), and Professor Gerry W. Beyer, the Governor Preston E. Smith Regents Professor of Law at the Texas Tech School of Law, and an ACTEC fellow whom the Uniform Law Commission appointed as the Reporter for the UEEPDA. The full interview was originally featured on a recent episode of the Digital Planning Podcast which is hosted by Jennifer Zegel, Justin Brown, and Ross Bruch and focuses on all things digital in connection with estate planning, business planning, and estate administration.

The interview focuses on the newly drafted Uniform Electronic Estate Planning Documents Act or “UEEPDA,” which provides a uniform framework for the electronic execution of nontestamentary estate planning documents. The guests discuss the reasoning behind creating the project to ensure all documents would be validated, similar to how other documents under the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) are able to be e-signed and validated. The interview also touches upon predictions for the future of estate planning documents and signings and probate processes.

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