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Our attorneys routinely provide advice, counseling, and litigation services to our clients on a wide range of issues related to employment law and their workforces.

Sub Specialities

  • Employee Benefits
  • Our attorneys are experienced in establishing, qualifying, advising, administering, and terminating a variety of benefits programs, including:

    • Profit-sharing;
    • Money purchase pensions;
    • Defined benefit pensions;
    • Target benefits;
    • Individual stock option plans;
    • 401(k) and employee stock ownership plans;
    • Executive fringe benefit arrangements;
    • Cafeteria plans; and
    • Non-qualified deferred compensation arrangements and various welfare benefit plans.


  • Employee Handbooks And Employment Policies
  • In today’s business world, it is critical that employers have formal employee handbooks and written policies that clearly set forth the rules and guidelines applicable to their employees.  Written policies serve as a helpful guide to employers in making daily decisions concerning their workforce.  In addition, employers that clearly define and follow their employment policies often can avoid employee lawsuits.


  • Employee Retirement and Income Security Act
  • The Employee Retirement and Income Security Act (ERISA) is a ubiquitous piece of legislation extending into every area of employee compensation and retirement planning.  Our work in the employee benefits area described above includes familiarity with the application of ERISA to pension and welfare plans.  We regularly advise plan fiduciaries as to their duties under ERISA, and counsel clients regarding prohibited transactions with ERISA plans and exemptions from the prohibited transaction rules.

    We also help clients get maximum benefit from their Individual Retirement Accounts within ERISA strictures regarding plan investments and required distributions.

  • Employment Counseling
  • Employers make decisions every day concerning their employees that may have significant legal impacts. Managing a workforce is a complex and demanding job. We bring a deep understanding of our clients’ operations to provide advice and counseling in connection with issues that arise concerning our clients’ management of their relationships with their employees. We assist our clients in dealing with sensitive employee issues, with the goal of avoiding costly litigation.

  • Employment Litigation
  • Employee lawsuits are a part of today’s business world.  When a client faces a lawsuit from a current or former employee, our lawyers are ready to protect the client’s interests.

    The Firm’s attorneys are experienced in defending clients against all types of employee claims, including the following discrimination claims:

    • Sexual harassment;
    • Gender discrimination;
    • Racial discrimination;
    • Age discrimination; and
    • Disability discrimination.
  • Executive Compensation
  • Businesses that grow and achieve scale beyond the efforts of the founder or owner rely on talented executives for their success.  Structuring the right compensation for key employees is crucial to the long-term health of a business.  And nothing is more important to the members of an executive team than how their efforts are rewarded.


  • Wage & Hour Issues/Overtime Compensation
  • The payment of wages to employees for their work is a highly regulated activity and requires a business to comply with numerous federal, state and local laws and regulations.  Given the complexity of the wage and hour regulatory scheme, litigation and governmental enforcement actions in this area have become increasingly common in recent years.  Among the hot issues that individual and class action plaintiffs and regulators have been focused on are the methods by which employers are required to compensate employees and independent contractors and the extent to which employees are entitled to overtime compensation.